What an experience last year was, for SO many people it has been pitted with great high and terrible lows.

For some it will be a brand new chapter, a time to start a fresh and get those resolutions actioned and to generally ‘have another go’.

For others this is not so easily achieved. Last year saw people lose their loved ones, tackle tough challenging times over health matters, face adverse weather conditions on a grand scale, relationships ended and jobs drew to a close too.

However, that year has gone, we cannot change it – no matter how hard we try. But what we can do is, find strength in the good memories we have, put our trust, faith and belief in those that can help us, build up stronger foundations and fill our homes with joy, allow ourselves to love and be loved again, and embrace a new challenge in which we can develop and grow.

The New Year brings with it hope, excitement and the chance to make things better than before.

Life is not a rehearsal, we have to embrace it and make the most of every last drop we are given.

So think big, dream big, set your goals and aim high. Squeeze as much out of the life you have as possible.

One idea I am keen to do this year is The HAPPINESS JAR!

You need to get a jar, and write down each thing that brings you happiness throughout the year on a piece of paper and put it in the jar.

It could be surprise gifts, accomplishments, birthdays, weddings, births, things your children have said or done, ‘lol’ moments, holidays, memories worth saving, the beauty of nature and daily blessings etc.

Then, on 31st December 2014, open the jar and read all the amazing things that happened to you In 2014!!

I am blessed to have such wonderful family and true friends, who have been there for me in my times of difficulty, I hope they realise that I would always be there for them too.

To all my readers, customers, friends and loved ones, I thank you for all your loyalty, support, generosity and kindness.

And I wish YOU a very happy, healthy and fulfilling year.

With Love
Katie x

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