December 22nd – January 19th

January 2018

With this new day comes new strengths and fresh ideas. What you thought you would not do is actually something you can and should pursue. Your element of earth brings out your need to make a more secure base. This could see many of your sign making proposals, or planning on making the relationships you’re in more secure. Fellow Capricorns bring out your wild side and could end up talking you into something which will change your future on a major scale. News of a birth or pregnancy gives you reason to reassess your own life and to work out where you want to go and with whom. Gambles in business mid-month require you to travel out of your way and pay for yourself. Is it worth it? You may not realise it, but others have been carrying you for quite a while now. Going it alone or looking after yourself may seem scary at first, but I know it will be the making of you. Some interesting conjunctions bring someone from your past back into your life.