October 24th – November 21st

January 2018

The main news for you Scorpio is that Jupiter is in your sign in 2018 until November, handing you the celestial crown. Jupiter is the Planet of Luck and Miracles, and it adds an extra sprinkling of magic to your life in the new year. Opportunities come your way, and some of these come from hard work, while others materialise out of the blue! This is also an excellent time for your love life, and if you have been trying for a baby, then you could find that the stalk brings you exactly what your heart desires. It doesn’t hurt that your love life picks up during this cycle and if you are single, you will be irresistible to the opposite sex. Anyone who is in something like a long distance relationship could suddenly mov across the country to make it work, or you could move in with a loved one. Work also sparkles, but it probably comes with a fresh start. This is the time to make some big moves, and this could mean to a new company or even a different city! It is that kind of year where anything is possible so make sure you chase your dreams!