August 23rd – September 22nd

April 2020

You are being put through experiences which challenge your ability to use self-control, especially concerning children and work. How self-controlled are you? How much power do you actually have? These are important questions during the time that Pluto is steadily transforming your life. Interestingly, no matter if you feel you are holding the reins or losing them now, the impact on you will be the same. In both cases, it will be vital for your soul that you look inside yourself to find your deeper qualities.

Pluto teaches us about surface and substance. What you face now could leave you feeling as if you have very little power at all – until you find the strength to let go of the old life (and your old self) and instead find a new game to play – preferably one which is about the inner you, rather than the outer show.

Pluto challenges you to look inside yourself, to the very core, and find what you are really made of. It is these qualities which will empower you now. It’s also common to go through experiences which give you incredible control and influence at this time – it’s big. To survive the experience and keep your sense of self, you will need to go excavating, and find yourself as you really are, below the surface. Every ending that you experience now will immediately force a new beginning – a new life for yourself, and a new sense of who you are.