August 23rd – September 22nd

January 2018

This is a wonderful year for you Virgo as you have Jupiter in Scorpio smiling down on you an illuminating your love sector. It is fair to say that the last few years have been shaky when it comes to love and now you have the chance to put this behind you. The worst is well and truly over! You could have found it hard to see eye to eye with a romantic partner in 2017, but now you find that you can focus on each other again and start to forgive. There could have been some harsh words said recently, and now you get the time to heal as a couple. If you are single, then this is the time to mingle as relationships of all kinds are favoured, and you could meet someone who comes into your life unexpectedly thanks to the placement of Uranus, Planet of Surprises. You’ve also had a sluggish few years when it comes to money, and this also picks up in 2018, and there will be more opportunities to earn and save. If you work for yourself, then you could get some lucrative new clients or land your dream job if you work in an office.