August 23rd – September 22nd

January 2020

Live boldly, push yourself and don’t settle for less than you deserve Virgo. You’ve come through so much and faced challenges beyond words, you should have learnt by now that it’s only by being true to who you are, that your close ones will give you complete acceptance. Distance you place between yourself and a link to the past, allows for breathing space and a quieter life without judgement or expectation.

The way that you do your job is likely to be changing somewhat. Don’t be opposed to change, but be open to it instead. It’s the key to you making your new responsibilities ones you’ll enjoy. Careful with money after the 23rd when you’re going to be asked to pay out for something you didn’t expect. A new chapter of your life can now begin; bringing with it a longed for sense of calm, peace and belonging and happiness.