April 20th – May 20th

January 2018

The big zodiac sign news for Taurus in 2018 is that Uranus is going to cruise into your sign. This kicks off a brand new cycle of significant change for you with a bang! Of course, change can be scary for anyone, but mainly for your sign which loves to dig its heels into the ground. They don’t call you a stubborn Taurus for anything! The key, however, is to use these changes to your advantage. You may not get everything you want, but you also can help to call the shots to some extent. With that in mind spend a few minutes looking forward and thinking how you would like your life to evolve over the next few years. This also applies to love, as this could be one area where change is sorely needed. You have had a harsh ride with your love life over the past few years, but now you have supportive Jupiter in the mix to help work through some relationship issues that may have dragged on from 2017. The good news is that Jupiter in Scorpio has your back all the way through 2018 and is pushing you to forge deeper bonds with the people close to you!