May 21st – June 21st

January 2018

As a Gemini, you are more affected by pesky Mercury retrogrades as Mercury is your ruling sign and, as every year, you will get three of these in 2018 in March, July, and November. As you probably know, this could cause you some issues when it comes to communication and crossed wires. A good thing to remember however is to use this time to work through the kinks in any ongoing projects and plans and also revise, rehearse, rewind! Relationships should also improve in 2018, and you will find that, if you were struggling with someone close to you, this is the time when you can move forward together. This could also bring with it the desire to commit so some of you will be getting engaged, married or pregnant thanks to the placement of Saturn in your chart which is all about making some serious moves! Even if you don’t go that far, this is also a great moment to get closer to someone special as you will have a more in-depth emotional understanding of others this year thanks to Pluto in your Astrology chart.