March 21st – April 19th

January 2018

As you begin this New Year, you begin to work out with ease what you want from life. You also decide who to cut loose and one person in particular may be in for a surprise when they realise that the game is up. Watch out for old friends trying to get in contact, as they will only be trying once and you could miss out on the chance to bring back to life some very happy memories. Legal matters will require your full and undivided attention, do not be railroaded into signing or agreeing to something you wholeheartedly disagree with.
Older faces become more self sufficient and this gives you a lot more freedom than you had in 2017. Whether you want to make it clear that you fancy someone, or just to clear the air with the one you love, it’s time to do the very thing that you aren’t that keen on doing: speaking up. So welcome and embrace the unpredictable. Know that being honest won’t send someone away. In fact, they are there for you, so trust in their integrity.