March 21st – April 19th

April 2020

You enter this month asking yourself many questions, not least is ‘where am I heading now?’  There’s been many changes your life over the last six months, and just as you thought things were begining to finally settle down, it feels like everything is upside down again. Many events are beyond your control, but not all of them. You have some fabulous ideas bubbling within you, perhaps to learn a new skill, set up a business or finally tackle your house.

Do not wait for eveything to be perfect, It does not exist. It is in fact, the imperfections of life which make us appreciate what new views we can take (and shape) our life with.  This is your chance to not take advice, but to throw caution to the wind and live your life for you.  You may think you’ve forgotten how to, but I know you haven’t.