The secrets of the universe have fascinated Astrologers and avid readers of their daily horoscopes for centuries and their stories go back to long before time, as we know it, began.

Every 80 years, the planet Uranus, the great ‘Awakener’ and Pluto, the ‘Transformer’, forms an alignment that causes enormous restlessness, turbulence and has the power to change lives forever, suddenly and without any prior warning and on December 15th 2016 is when we are likely to see the fireworks igniting.

The people most likely to feel its effect are any of the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn and of course, it will also have great influence on the lives of individuals who have close relationships with anyone born under these signs.

The planet Uranus acts as a catalyst for change and liberation by pulling the carpet from under our carefully planned lives forcing us to reassess, revaluate and closely examine ourselves before deciding which direction to go in next. Planet Pluto, the great ‘Transformer’ takes no prisoners either. It represents upheaval on a titanic scale affecting forces of nature and human lives. He rises from the depths, unearthing and exposing everything in its wake. If you have ever heard the ground rumble, you have heard his voice. First there is destruction which is then followed by reconstruction and an opportunity for us to rebuild our lives in a completely new way than before.

Whether on a personal, professional or social level, the affect of this Uranus, Pluto Square is both explosive and transformational. People are likely to experience increased irritability and an unusual sensitivity to criticism. Difficulty in taking advice, aggression, paranoia and an inner conflict between parts of themselves that want to stay the way they are and their tremendous struggle for change in order to avoid stagnation and being left behind.

Its real party time when planet Venus becomes embroiled in all this cosmic activity because its connection to Pluto is likely to transform personal and romantic relationships on a very deep level. With it being square to Uranus, there is a strong indication that there could be some sudden new affairs probably ending as suddenly as they started or some very sudden and painful relationship break ups could be happen causing shock waves through society. As if all this activity isn’t enough, on December 24th, Planet Mercury that symbolises ‘Communication’ joins this powerful gathering of the clans, so watch out for some potentially explosive and revealing conversations taking place over the Christmas festivities, where no secrets will be safe and certain people’s dirty washing aired in public and in the media.

Travellers, be mindful when taking journeys either long distance or locally because the influence of Uranus can often be the cause of accidents and stressful aspects. Combined with Pluto, this can worsen the situation by causing fatalities, so keep your wits about you and avoid taking foolish risks.

The most important message that this planetary alignment brings is that we must all be more flexible and prepared to accept change. Be bold and brave enough to let go of anything or anyone that no longer serves you well so that you can be allowed to develop, reinvent yourself and grow into the person you can truly be and start to live the life you have always wanted, making your dreams become a reality.

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